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Amount$USD. 2,500.00 $USD. 100 $USD. 5,000

Term12 months 3 18

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Total payment: $USD. 14,578.72 $USD. 560.72

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You need money, we will help you!

It doesn’t matter if it's an emergency need or simply a personal

desire. In Prestadito, we will help you apply and it's extremely easy.

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Frequent questions

What is Prestadito?
It is an easy and fast loan to help you with an emergency, need or personal desire.
How to apply to a Prestadito?
  • You can apply HERE
  • Or call us to (786) 233-88-08
  • Or visit us in one of our locations.
What is the maximum I can get?
You can get a up to $5,000.00. To calculate your payment click here.
How long do I have to pay it off?
Our customers have up to 18 months to pay for it. To calculate your payment click here.
Where is the nearest locations?
To see the nearest location please click here