About Us


Give our customers an efficient way to get finanicial solutions.

Our values:

Respect: We assis our customers with professionalism and responsability

Our compromise: As a financial company, everithing that we promote is for the benefits of our clients, in the upmost, efficient and we respect the deadlines set.

Innovation and orientation for our clients: We assist our customers, identify and listen with the objective to help them to look for the best financial solutions, we bring them the best possible solutions in a given time, generating trust between the customers and us.

Who we are:

We are a company dedicated to offer financial solutions easy and fast for everyone, without care if the customer is an employees or self-employed.

The  philosophy of the company is based on resolving financial needs and offering multiples ways of financing.

Because ours customers always have the reason,  we offer our clients the opportunity to select when and how to pay, given the client the liberty to choose the term, frequency and amount of the payment.

As a financial company we don’t charge upfront fees, giving our customers the complete confidence.

We guarantee financial consulting through our business locations where we have highly capable representatives

We offer  our star product “Prestadito” in 2 contries. Honduras and United States of America